Products that can reduce the potency.


Enemy number one: alcohol. The most terrible and serious enemy of male sexual viability was and still is alcohol, even in small doses, which are contained in soft drinks such as beer. The main reason for this phenomenon, experts say that the eggs that have been poisoned by alcohol, never recover their full function. Permanent, systematic poisoning of the whole organism, including genital system, toxic substances, ethyl alcohol, poor quality, and sometimes methyl alcohol, resins – gradually reduces to zero men’s ability to complete sexual intercourse.

Enemy number two: cholesterol. If we talk about the foods of animal origin, it should be noted that the main “enemy” of child-bearing men, especially middle-aged, is cholesterol. He, unfortunately, not only provokes various cardiovascular diseases, but also blocks blood flow in the genitourinary system of man. In connection with this is to control its concentration in the blood and not to abuse fat meat. However, completely exclude cholesterol from the diet is impossible, since it is a component in the reaction of formation of testosterone. It is important to avoid its excess.

Enemy number three: the salt. The next mandatory ingredient of daily food is salt. Completely eliminate salt from the diet is impossible, if for no other reason that it contains a natural form to a greater or lesser extent in all foods, from vegetables and fruit and ending with meat. But it is necessary to remove it as adding an artificial way (via the sunflower products before eating).

Enemy Number four: caffeine. Another common in the world of a dangerous ingredient is caffeine. It binds free testosterone, thus reducing its concentration. Thus, ideally, such a beverage as coffee man better to exclude, however, one cup of coffee natural unlikely to bring significant health damage.

These simple guidelines can improve your love life; make you strong and hardy, the joy of beautiful women!

Lack of testosterone

Testosterone – the most important male sex hormone that affects many functions of men. Testosterone is produced in the testes. Lack of testosterone may be at any age. Lack of testosterone in combination with appropriate features is called hypogonadism.

  In children and adolescents testosterone deficiency is usually congenital (genetic) origin. He was diagnosed if puberty is delayed or not occurs at all. In adults, young men, lack of testosterone, which develops after puberty, is usually acquired in nature (injury or inflammation of the testicles, varicocele, transferred infant infection (mumps), diseases of the endocrine glands and other diseases). Pronounced lack of testosterone leads to infertility. In men older than 40 years of testosterone deficiency in most cases is the result of dysfunction of the testes and / or central regulation. The process and consequences of deficiency develop gradually.

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency: decreased libido, erectile easing, a weakening of orgasm, decreased sexual activity and more frequent episodes of impotence; loss of muscle mass, strength and energy; increased visceral fat, reduced bone mass; mood swings, fatigue, weakening of memory; weakening of expression of secondary sexual characteristics (body hair, voice, etc. ).

To clarify the diagnosis, ask your doctor. He will conduct a study to determine the level of testosterone (as required of other hormones), in identifying testosterone deficiency physician to determine the cause and carry out effective therapy.

  At the first sign of testosterone deficiency should immediately seek the advice of experienced doctors – andrologist or endocrinologist for evaluation and treatment. Delays in the timely treatment can lead to irreversible changes (sexual problems, infertility). Modern methods of treatment can fully restore the normal level of testosterone.

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